Cairo, Egypt, 2019


  • Growing from its street roots as a mobile food truck, BRGR has bloomed into a full-blown brick and mortar establishment, recently opening its doors in Mall of Arabia’s luxurious Phase 2. The concept of the new BRGR was based on developing a refined version of the existing brand, while keeping with its origins as a mobile restaurant. To build upon its original down to earth vibe, we incorporated some aesthetic dualities: industrial and natural, metal and wood, light and dark. In consistency with the vision, material was sourced from the streets, thus drawing the liberated essence of the outdoor dining experience indoors.

  • Located at the edge of the Atrium, BRGR is flooded with natural light, playing gently over the brick columns, sturdy black metal crittall structure, and the wooden box frame of the kitchen, which houses the bold BRGR logo. The high ceiling is the most vital element in maintaining an atmosphere of the outdoors. It features raw wooden ribs cutting asymmetrically across the expanse of the space, with plants and mirrors sprouting from in between, ducts and mesh exposed in the gaps; these organic components invite a coziness to the space. Black iron lighting fixtures float over the central communal table, which with gentle separators, can either accommodate one large group or three smaller groups, facilitating interaction between customers. On top of that, a children’s’ seating area completes an inviting and easy-going atmosphere.

  • The floor is made from white terrazzo, a poured composite material, and gives the feeling of a city square. It is punctuated with black marble diamond inlays, drawing the eye to the sleek and simple counter, before slowly fading towards the seating area; the heavy contrast between black and white helps the customer differentiate between the spatial divisions of the restaurant and the myriad functions of different areas. The mini pancake station stands clearly, placed so as to be visible from the outside and draw customers into the restaurant.
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    Interior Design

    Principle Designer

    Dina El Khachab

    Project Leader

    Yomna Elgammal